Measuring Quality of Life

Refers to AQA A2 Geography

World Cities Topic

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  • What factors indicate quality of life?
    • SOCIAL
      • Incidence of crime
      • Fear of crime
      • Percentage eligable for free school meals
      • Standards of health and access to good health facilities e.g. % in poor health.
      • Percentage on state benefits
      • Standards of education e.g. % A*-C Grades at GCSE
      • Percentage staying on to post-16 education
      • Housing quality
      • Levels of air and/or noise pollution
      • Presence of litter/ flytipping
      • Graffiti and Vandalism
      • Opportunities to be part of community life
      • Amount of influence in political decisions (% voting in elections indicates this)
      • Access to leisure services including open spaces/ parks etc.
      • Access to employment - can be measured bt percentage long term unemployment / youth unemployment.
      • Income Levels
      • Percentage of single parent families
      • Percentage of lone pensioners


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