What's on the label?

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  • What's on the label?
    • Food labelling regulations (Northern Ireland) 1996 say that the following info must be clearly displayed on food packaging...
      • The name of the food
      • a 'best before' or 'use by' date
      • Any special storage conditions or conditions of use
      • The name and address of the manufacturer or packer, or a seller establish within the EU
      • The weight of the food
      • A list of ingredients
    • 'Best before' dates
      • Put on foods that 'would be expected to be fit to eat and retain their quality for more than 18 months'
      • More about quality than safety
      • Only accurate if food is stored correctly e.g. store in cool dry place
    • 'Use by' dates
      • Highly perishable foods or foods which go off quickly
      • Food or drink should NOT be consumed after this date- it could be a risk to health
      • This is the date by which the food should be eaten
    • Display until or sell by are used by some shops to help with stock control- they are instructions for shop staff, not shoppers
    • Nutrition Information
      • Manufacturers must include nutrition info is they are making a NUTRITIONAL CLAIM e.g. Low fat
      • Must show the amount of energy, protein, carbohydrate and fat per 100g or 100ml of the food + info on any claim made
    • 'Traffic light' labelling show at a glance if the food has HIGH, MEDIUM OR LOW amounts of fat, sat fat, sugars and salt
      • FSA recommends traffic light labelling is used on convenience foods
    • Special Dietary Advice
      • Foods approved by the Vegetarian Society can display their 'seedling symbol' - an oval with a V in it
      • People with specific food allergies should always read food labels carefully and check ingredients lists


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