Who Caused the Civil War?

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  • Who Caused the Civil War?
    • Charles I
      • Poor choice of advisors
      • Dubious methods of raising money in Personal Rule
        • Ship Money 1635- extended to all counties
        • Forced loans- 5 knights Case
      • 5 MEMBERS COUP 1542
      • Constant recall and dismissal pf Parliament
      • Appointed Thomas Lunsford as keeper of TOL
    • Advisors
      • Wentworth/Strafford
        • Book of Orders, Exact Militia
        • Lord Deputy of Ireland in 1633- hated by Irish and feared by English
        • Suggested recall of Parliament in 1639 expecting traditional loyalty to the crown
        • Crossed the floor so Parliament hated him
        • Executed in 1641 through Act of Attainder
      • Buckingham
        • Arrogant and domineering and was a royal favourite of J1
        • Disastrous f/p which caused resentment among Parliament
        • Most hated man in England, when assassinated in 1628, all rejoiced except C1 who was devastated
        • Parliament tried to impeach him in 1626 and C1 dismissed them because of it
      • Laud
        • Arminian Symapthiser
        • Wanted discipline and uniformity
        • Mercilessly persecuted Puritans e.g., Prynne Burton and Bastwick 1637
        • Laudian reforms such as the English Prayer book were unpopular and many though the reforms signalled a return to RCC ways
      • Henrietta Maria
        • Threats of her impeachment caused C1 to pull a coup on Parliament
        • Influential and her influence was feared, loathed by country at large
        • French Catholic princess who came from an absolutist monarchy
    • Scotland
      • Bishops Wars
      • C1 had limited understanding of the Scottish people and therefore made some serious mistakes
      • National Covenant 1638
      • Riot at St Giles 1637
    • Ireland
      • Irish Rebellion
      • Strafford as Lord Deputy
      • Atrocity stories that came back from the Protestants that fled
      • Issues over whether C1 or Parliament would raise the army to crush the Irish Rebellion
    • Parliament
      • Refused to voye C1 subsides which led to him sending them home
      • Impeached Buckingham
      • Wouldn't let C1 raise the army to crush the Irish Rebellion
      • Persistently attacked C1 prerogative rights which caused tension- can be argued as provoking C1 as a result as C1 believed in the divine right of kings
      • Dubious measures such as Act of Attainder on Strafford and 'rent a mob' used to force C1 into signing it pushed moderate MPs to C1 side
      • Speaker of HOC forced into his chair


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