Who so list to hunt - analysis

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  • Who so list to hount, I know where is an hynde - Sir Thomas Wyatt
    • Petrarchan sonnet
      • structure
        • sestet
        • Octave
        • Volta
        • Caesura; Faynting I follow. I leve of therefore
        • Problem
        • Solutio
    • Based on Petrarch's sonnet 190
    • Conceit of the Deer
      • Animalistic imagery
      • Sexual
    • Sir Thomas Wyatt allegedly had an affair with Anne Boleyn
      • Anne Boleyn is the deer
      • Henry is Caeser
      • Thomas Wyatt also worked for Henry VIII - quite high up in the court
    • Petrarchan lover
      • Forlorn
      • focusing on physical features
      • desperate
      • absorbed in the romance - taking over life
    • ABBA rhyme scheme
      • Envelope rhyme
        • displays he is hiding something - displays the attmept of catching her - like a net
    • Published posthumously - perhaps to hide his affair with Anne Boleyn
    • Credited for introducing 'the sonnet' to English literature
    • Renaissance poetry
    • Proximity - Wyatt is close enough to the deer to read 'noli me tangere' however he is still unable to obtain her


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