Why did Richard III lose the throne?

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  • Why did Richard III lose the throne?
    • The Buckingham Rebellion of 1483
      • D of Buckingham defects against Richard, to support Henry Tudor
    • Lack of Noble support
      • His behaviour would not have in sighted any influx of new noble support - only his loyalists who he'd rewarded continued to support
      • D of Buckingham supported Henry Tudor and chose to defect against Richard - potentially motivated by the possibility of higher position
      • After failing to gain funds, he had to obtain forced loans from his nobles
    • Richard's behaviour
      • His usurpation of the throne, and actions to declare his mother to have had affairs making her children illegitimate would have greatly dettered any new noble support.
      • The rumours and suspicion he killed the princes in the tower was much alive at this time - people saw him as heartless and ruthless
      • His actions against his loyal nobles; Rivers, Grey and Vaughan having them killed and put up for treason made people see him as ruthless and led to his unpopularity
    • The Battle of Bosworth Field
      • The Earl of Northumberland didn't become involved and/or support Richard - seeing so the Stanley's chose to back the more favoured Tudor


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