Reasons for why the US enter the Korean War

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  • Why did the US enter the Korean War in 1950?
    • The balance of world power
    • The UN and learning from the past
    • Fears for Japan
      • Fears for the safety of Japan as it lies 100 miles from South Korea
        • A communist S.Korea would jeopardise US actions to revitalise Japan into an ally under MacArthur
    • NSC-68
    • McCarthyism & domestic political concerns
      • McCarthy's speech in Feb 1950 led to rumours of Communist infiltration to Truman admin
        • This was seen to threaten Democrats positions against Republicans in upcoming midterm election Nov  1950
  • It recommended developing hydrogen bomb, higher taxes, building US forces and mobilisation of US public to help support Cold War
    • The document outlined reasons that explain why US wanted to intervene in Korea - 68th paper claimed USSR has a fanatic faith and they want to dominate Europe and Asia
      • NSC-68


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