Why was the First Crusade called in 1095?

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  • Why was the First Crusade Called in 1095?
    • Battle of Manzikert 1071
      • Byzantine defeat by the Seljuk Turks in Anatolia
      • The Byzantine Empire lost territory in Asia Minor
    • Desire to increase Papal Power
      • Henry VI of Germany had been excommunicated for assigning his of Arch Bishop, which should be done by the Pope
      • therefore the Popes wanted to increase Papal power to reinforce their authority in Europe
    • Loss of Jerusalem 1073
      • the most sacred city for Christians
      • In 1095, Urban wanted to rescue Jerusalem from a 'race alien to god'
        • Urban used it as an excuse to encourage people to join the Papal army, more people would be inclined to go fight for Jerusalem rather than Byzantium
      • the real aim of the First Crusade rather than to just help Byzantium
    • Alexius Comnenus' appeal 1095
      • needed assistance to fight the Turks, who were now encroaching Constantinople
      • Urban exagerated Alexius' appeal to show the threat of the Turks
      • serious situation though probaby exagerated


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