Why did Britain apply to join the EEC in the 1960s?

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  • Why did Britain apply to join the EEC in the 1960s?
    • Political
      • Europe could be blamed for problems with domestic policy - voters would still vote for them.
      • No longer a large global power, as proven by Suez crisis. Britain's global role was changing.
      • "Special Relationship" with US strained --> USA wanted Britain to join.
      • Growing independence of empire --> felt less loyalty to Britain --> becoming a burden
    • Economic
      • EFTA didn't work --> self interested treaty and couldn't compete with EEC
      • Trade - Britain were being left behind and trading within the empire was not enough.
      • Balance of trade was at it's worst in 10 years, and led to a loss in production
      • Britain was falling behind Europe in terms of growth and felt the community's high tariffs could help them.
        • Concerns British industry was inefficient
    • Other Factors
      • Large manufacturers and industrial companies in favour
        • Small businesses followed suit
      • Hoped to bring about a new era for Britain
      • Needed Europe to help with nuclear defence


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