Why did Cromwell become Lord Protector in 1653?

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  • Why did Cromwell become Lord Protector?
    • Failure to find a settlement, 1646-49
      • Peace proposals rejected by CI - obstinate
      • He prevaricated, waited for a better settlement
    • Influence of  army and King's death
      • Despite VofNFA in Jan'48, seemed as though parl re-opening negots with CI in Nov'48
      • Pride's Purge 1648 ended chance of settlement
        • Rump Parliament - trial and execution of the King
          • Power vacuum - no-one could agree on what to do
          • Cromwell persuaded the regicides to sign the death warrant - plot?
    • Failure of the Rump Parliament
      • Discontent amongst army towards 'self interested, corrupt, conservative parl' - dissolved
      • "too busy" - had so much to do - couldn't do it all therefore Crom disappointed w/ lack of Godly reform
    • Failure of the Nominated Assembly
      • Had the power, gave it away again. Not a plot - he's a parliamentarian
      • dissolved themselves, hands power back to Crom
      • Dissolved due to: fear of religious radicalism, divisions and anxiety about religious intolerance
      • Also, lack of Godly reform - Crom disappointed
    • Instrument of Government
      • Lambert. made Crom LP. Only one left for the job.
        • Considered a 'hero' to some, unbeaten
      • Crom a good leader, can take control
      • No-one else, didn't want the Stuarts back
      • Leader in the army, part of the gentry therefore represents both = perfect!


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