William establishing control in England

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  • William establishing control in England
    • Rewards Anglo-Saxons
      • Edwin and Morcar keep their Earldoms
        • They are slightly smaller than before
      • Edwin promised William's daughter in marriage
        • But, this never actually happens
      • Gospatric made Earl of Northumbria
        • William was essentially paid by Gospatric for the earldom
      • Everyone who fought against William lost their land
        • The land lost goes to Norman followers of William
    • Submission of the Earls
      • Why did Edgar Aething, Edwin and Morcar submit without a fight?
        • William had control of the royal treasury so Edgar had very little to reward and offer his followers
        • William's march around London may have threatened to cut the city off from supplies
        • England's best warriors had died at the Battle of Hastings
        • Did the surviving English nobles believe William's victory was God's will?
        • Edgar and the other Earls could not agree about the decision to take on whether to fight William or not
    • The march to London
      • After the Battle of Hastings, William and his men marched to London
      • In London, the WITAN chose Edgar as Harold's successor, but they did not attack William at Dover
      • William led his army on a form of harrying though South-East England
      • Individual Towns and Villages surrendered
    • Controlling the borderlands
      • William created the marcher earldoms: Hereford, Shrewsbury and Chester
        • The marcher earls had special rights
          • Build castles as they wish
          • Did not have to pay tax on their land, so could invest it in defence
          • Had total control of the land - unlike others, where the Sheriffs had some of the control
          • Could create new towns to promote Norman colonisation
      • William would reward the Marcher Earldoms to his most loyal followers
        • The earldoms were for protection  against invasions and attacks from Wales
          • Wales had links to the Vikings so had deals that they could have bases there in order to prepare for attacks and raids
  • Rewarding followers
    • He sent lavish gifts to people like the pope from the English treasury
    • Set a heavy geld tax to pay for his mercenaries
    • He declared that all land in England belonged to him, and so he could reward it as he wished to his followers


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