Willinghams learning theory mind map.

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  • Willinghams learning theory.
    • Ways to support cognitive development
      • Students abilities differ day to day.
      • Take into account development stage
      • Use challenging problems that are in their ability
    • Key ideas.
      • It is important to build knowledge through rehearsal so it goes into the LTM.
        • Skills need to be developed in the same way
      • Practice and effort help us master knowledge and skills to become automatic
      • You need knowledge before you can build a skill.
      • There are many ways to support a childs development
    • Ways to support social development
      • Enourage self regulation.
      • Behaveas you want them to
      • Delay giving rewards.
    • Ways to support physical development
      • Practice movement so they they become automatic
      • Focus on suitable movement


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