wolsey's fall

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  • Wolsey's Fall
    • Factors for Wolsey's fall
      • Wolsey himself
      • Anne Boleyn faction
        • Key members: Thomas Boleyn (dad, Earl of Wiltshire), Duke of Norfolk (Thomas Howard - uncle), Duke of Suffolk (Charles Brandon)
          • H had fallen in love with Anne - love letters, she refused to sleep with him until marriage - fuelled Henry's lust and anger at W for not getting the divorce
        • W dismissed Anne - to become powerful, they had to remove W/his influence - accused W of being hostile to them + purposely slowing down the divore
          • They also exploited that W had little gains obtaining the divorce
      • Anti-clericalism and corruption
      • Henry and the divorce
        • Why H wanted the divorce:
          • Against God's will - Leviticus speaks against sleeping with a brother's wife
          • love for Anne Boleyn -her presence at court gave H a greater desire to divorce
          • Wife to provide a male heir to carry Tudor dynasty - female couldn't successfully rule - return to chaos of WoR
      • Amicable Grant
    • Henry and the divorce
      • 1. H expected the annulment negotiations to take little time - Pope refusing to dissolve marriage
        • 2. Pope Clement VII deliberately stalled - H blamed W for delay - Boleyn allies demanded more aggressive policy towards Pope
          • 3. H ordered W to argue that the original dispensation issued by Julius II was insufficient in law and then persuade Pope to transfer case to England
            • 4. W was papal legate - had power and authority to preside over the case. Some delay, Pope agreed for case to be tried in England - insisted that 2 papal legates be present
              • 5. May 1929 (7 month delay) Legatine Court met at Blackfriars. Campeggio (papal legate) interviewed H and Catherine
                • 6. W attempted to speed up process made Campeggio delay further - in desparation W resorted to bribery and blackmail
                  • 7. When case opened, H had already lost faith in W
                    • 8. Catherine appealed to Rome - Camp continued case for 3 weeks but then suspended it
                      • 9. W persuaded to reopen case Oct 1529 - futile Pope has summoned case to Rome
                        • 10. W failure to get annulment left divorce as only option = break with Rome
    • Wolsey's fall from power
      • Partly due to events out of his control - Boleyn faction pressurised H and W taking too long - their growing influence undermined W and added to his problem
      • Failure to secure annulment lost him Henry's favour - W had assured H that his influence with the papacy would have a good outcome
      • Not completely unexpected - unpopular for Tudor subsidy (1523) and Amicable Grant (1525)
        • John Skeleton poem 'Why come ye not to court' - arrogance. W also accused of praemunire (religious issue)
      • After suspension , W goes to York for first time - H gives him money to get ordained (support?) - while W was on the way to his trail - dies of natural causes 30th Nov 1530


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