Women in the Aeneid

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    • A victim of Cupid's arrow
    • Her husband, Sychaeus, is dead
    • Dido falls for Aeneas - risks everything by doing so
    • Queen of Carthage
    • Loses the support of Carthage's citizens
      • She has indulged in an obsession at the expense of her responsibility
    • Resembles Cleopatra - a foreign queen in love w/ an important leader
    • Dido represents Aeneas' sacrifice
    • A figure of passion and volatility
    • Her obsession leads her to suicide
    • Virgil affirms order, duty and history at the expense of romantic love
    • Dido alienates the local African chiefs - now pose as a military threat
    • Portrayed as Aeneas' equal and feminine counterpart
    • She is an antagonist, a strong and determined independent woman
    • Dido fled her home because of circumstances beyond her control
    • Virgil warns that love out of control can cause disorder (physically and emotionally)
    • Lacks faith in the gods and destiny
    • DIDO
      • POLITICS
        • Breaks the expectations of Roman women
        • Leader of a great, growing city
        • Her powers become erased as she becomes infatuated w/ Aeneas
        • Dido is fully aware of the political danger she has found herself in
        • Self awareness as a leader makes her admirable
      • EMOTION
        • Love and loving
        • Dido on her death is equated w/ the city of Carthage and this reminds us of the fall of Troy
        • Agony of betrayal and revenge
        • Loneliness and madness
        • Dido invites scrutiny and empathy
        • Her appearance in the underworld shows her love and unity w/ Sychaeus
      • OFFERS
        • Protection
        • Supplies for the Trojan voyage
        • Suggests they settle as equals in Carthage
        • Sends out a search party for Aeneas
        • Recalls her own suffering and reaches out to the suffering Trojans
        • Shares a banquet with the Trojans


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