Wilsons 14 points to ensure peace

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  • Woodrow Wilsons 14 points
    • No secret Treaties
      • A system of alliance between countries helped lead to WW1
    • League of nations to settle disputes
    • Colonies to have a say in their own future
    • Serbia to have access to the sea
    • Free access to the sea for all
    • Russia to be free of German troops
    • Self- government for the people of the Turkish empire
    • Alsace-Lorraine to go to France
      • Alsace-Lorraine  had changed hands between France and Germany
    • Free Trade between countries.
    • Poland to be independent with access to the sea.
    • New Frontier between Austria and Italy
    • Disarmament by all countries
      • Wilson wanted all countries t disarm to their lowest possible safety level
    • Belgium to be independent
    • Self-government for people of Eastern Europe




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