working class cultural deprivation affecting achievement in education

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  • w/c cultural deprivation
    • w/c children lack cultural equipment to do well in school
    • bernstein
      • identifies difference between w/c and m/c language
      • believes language type affects their achievement in education
      • 2 types of speech code restricted and elaborated
      • restricted
        • w/c
        • context bound
        • limited vocab and short sentences
      • elaborate
        • middle class
        • context free
        • wider vocab and longer sentences
    • douglas
      • parental interest
      • w/c parents value education less and are less ambitious for children
      • caused lower levels of motivation and achievement
    • sugarman
      • w/c subculture has 4 key barriers
      • argues differences due to middle class jobs being secure and w/c jobs not
      • fatalism
        • belief in fate whatever will be will be
        • nothing you can do to change your status
      • collectivism
        • valuing being part of a group
      • immediate gratification
        • seeking pleasure now rather than success later
      • present time orientation
        • no long term goals
        • seeing present as more important than future
    • feinstein
      • reaches similar conclusions to douglas
      • parents own education most important factor in children's achievement


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