working memory model

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  • working memory model evaluation
    • Reductionism
      • Ignores memory working as a holistic unit.
      • Simplifies a complex phenomenon.
      • Isolates structures so they can be studied.
    • Limitation of understanding the central executive.
      • most important part of the system.
      • largely untestable.
      • model is not a full explanation.
      • may not be unitary.
        • Eslinger et al. Could understand reasoning and logic, couldnt make decisions.
    • Support from KF.
      • Shallice and Warrington
      • verbal processing limited
      • motorbike accident.
      • damaged STM.
      • visual processing intact
      • two stores are seperate.
    • Support from brain scans
      • PET brain scans
      • visual and verbal tasks
      • different areas of the brain are activated
        • motor cortex
        • hippocampus
        • temporal lobe
        • cerebellum


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