Workshop 3 - organisational structures

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  • Workshop 3 - value of skills
    • Organisational structures
      • Tall structure
        • Hierachial
        • Long lines of communication
          • Longer to pass information - unresponsive to change
        • Focused areas of responsibility
          • Narrow span of control
        • More opportunities for promotion
        • Departmental support
      • Flat structure
        • Typical in new businesses
        • Shorter lines of communication
          • Responsive to change
        • More responsibility
          • More motivated employees
      • Matrix structure
        • Formed for project work
        • Multiple managers (Functional manager and project manager)
        • Disbanded after project completion
      • Functional structure
        • The organisation is divided into specialist groups
        • Employees with shared skills are grouped together
        • Functional groups may not communicate
          • May affect flexibility and innovation
      • Wide area of responsibility
      • Increased responsibility for decision making
      • Public sector
        • Controlled by the government
        • More job security
        • Less pay increases and career choices
      • Private sector
        • Run with the intention of making a profit
        • More pay increases and more career choices
        • Less job security, less benefits and longer hours
    • Key terms
      • Line managers
        • Are responsible for overseeing staff
      • Subordinates
        • Report to staff higher up
      • Authority
        • Is the power that managers have to direct subordinates and make decisions
      • Delegation
        • When managers give tasks to subordinates
      • The chain of command is the path of authority
      • Lines of communication are the route messages travel along
      • Organisational charts show the structure of a business
    • Skill development
      • Set goals for yourself
      • Find a mentor
      • Review job descriptions for positions you want
      • Take advantage of company training
      • Participate in job shadowing
      • Seek feedback about strengths and weaknesses


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