World Cities Key Terms

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  • World Cities Key Terms
    • Counter - Urbanisation
      • Movement of people from large to small urban areas or rural areas
      • Leapfrog the rural-urban fringe
      • It may mean commuting
      • Increase use of tecnology for at home working
    • Re -Urbanisation
      • Movement of people and economic activity into city centre
      • Characteristics-refurbishment of old housing by affluent people GENTRIFICATION
    • Size of urban Area
      • Varies according to boundary chosen
      • Adminstrative boundary
      • continguous built up area
    • Suburbanisation
      • People moving from inner city to outer edges
      • Aided by increase of car ownership and increse of public transport networks - allows commuting
    • Urban Growth
      • Increase of urban dwellers
      • classification of urban dwellers depend on census definitions
      • Population size, population density, average distance between buildings
    • Urbanisation
      • Increase in countries proportion that live in urban areas
      • Causes: Natural population growth, migration from rural to urban


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