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  • To what extent was Wolsey Alter Rex (25 Marks).
    • Political Partners
      • The Amicable Grant 1525
        • Wolsey acted without Henry
          • Caused riots
            • Henry had to cancel it
      • Wolsey planned a surprise attack on French Navy 1522
        • Henry felt this plan was careless
          • It fell through
      • Fell out over appointment on a abbess to the nunnery at Wilton, Wiltshire 1528
        • Wolsey ignored Henry
          • Had to grovel an apologise after
      • In 1522, England declared war on France
        • Despite Wolsey's reservations
        • Achieved little
          • Due to lack of support from Charles V
    • Alter Rex
      • He broke Church rules
        • No one picked up on it because of his high position
          • E.G. not visiting dioceses
          • Had 2 illegitimate children
      • Eltham Ordinances 1526
        • Removed those close to Henry without suspicion
          • Even though it was for his own benefit.
      • Court of the Star Chamber
        • Used power to challenge nobles
          • Some believe he used it to get revenge
      • Built Hampton Court in his own design for himself
        • When he died Henry moved into it
          • Showed it was fit for a King
      • Treaty Of London, October 1518
        • Henry wanted to be a warrior king
          • But Wolsey saw an opportunity for universal peace
            • Following Pope Leo X calling for a general crusade to stop Ottoman power


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