impact of the terror

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  • The impact of the terror
    • Economic consequences
      • Kiev's supporters removed from Politburo
      • Industrial managers lied about production figures
      • Removal of local managers decreased efficiency of Russi
    • Political consequences
      • Consolidation of Stalin's power
        • Show trials removed Stalin's rivals
        • Stalin able to deflect criticism of 5YP by blaming it on others
      • The Communist Party
        • Administration of Russian gov ground to a halt
        • Junior people who were loyal promoted to bosses
    • Social consequences
      • Family life
        • 10% of adult males were victims
        • 95% of those arrested were men
        • Children of those arrested were humiliated in school
      • Escaping the Terror
        • People moved away and adopted new identities
        • Daughters of victims tried to marry the working class for a new life
      • Terror from below
        • Stakhanovites played a leading role-used as an opp to remove leaders


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