Youth and Education in Nazi Germany

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  • Youth and Education in Nazi Germany
    • Introduction
      • Hitler wanted to turn the young into loyal Nazis, the future generation of the Master Race (Aryan race)
      • The Nazis tried to control youth groups and schools as a means of indoctrination
    • Education
      • Teachers
        • Jewish teachers were sacked. All other teachers had to take an oath of loyalty to Hitler and join a Nazi Teachers' League
      • The Nazi Curriculum
        • Biology: Nazi ideas on race and in particular the Aryan Race, were described and taught, how to measure skulls etc
        • PE: Classes were doubled, so  boys were strong for the Army.
        • History: Concentrated on the rise of the Nazi Party and the injustice of Versailles
        • RE: Was scrapped.
        • Girls were made to do domestic sciences and eugenics: how to produce perfect offspring
        • Jews were humiliated and made to stand up in front of the class and sit at separate desks.
      • Youth Movements
        • Youth movements had always been popular. The Nazis formed their own in the 1920s and after 1933 children were encourages to join the Hitler Youth Movement
        • What was the Hitler Youth Movement like?
          • Some activities included: Nazi Theory - love of the Fuhrer, hatred of the Jews, injustice of Versailles. Physical Training and sports were also popular.
        • Young Rebels
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