Advantaged and Disadvantages of Climate Change in the UK

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Advantaged and Disadvantages of Climate Change in the UK


  • Seaside resorts on the south coast could become more like the Mediterranean (warmer), attracting more tourists
  • Higher amounts of potatoes, sugar beet and outdoor tomatoes could be harvested each year
  • Crops like sunflowers, maize and oranges could become more common in England
  • The length of the growing season for plants will increase meaning that they are able to grow for longer


  • Storms like hurricanes may be more frequent
  • Costal flooding is more likely as sea levels rise, if global warming melts the polar ice caps
  • Houses of Parliament and Trafalgar Square in London could become permanently flooded
  • Winter snowfall is likely to become less frequent - ski resorts in Scotland could close
  • Increase in sea temperature will affect fish populations, with species like cod disappearing and possibly being replaced by other species
  • Animals such as polar bears who live in the Antarctic may become homeless and extinct if the rates of climate change don't decrease


Climate change is more of a negative than a positive and there are likely to be more floods and lots of flooding. Moreover, animals like polar bears that live in the Antarctic will become homeless and extinct if climate change carries on.


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