Advantages and Disadvantages of pressure groups for democracy?

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Advantages and Disadvantages of pressure groups for democracy?


  • Diversity of pressure groups allows numerous people to take part; this means that pressure groups help to increase political participation.
  • Can help to express a popular public opinion.
  • Expertise from pressure groups can offer solutions to problems the Government is facing.


  • Can allow for a minority to have an impact on a policy that will affect everyone. This may lead to people feeling apathy towards the political system.
  • Time consuming for MPs who've to deal with the pressure groups as well as more resources being needed for stuff such as petitions.
  • May not end up in any change at all which may discourage people.


Arguably, pressure groups are good for democracy as they allow for more political participation due to the diversity of methods used by pressure groups. A higher level of political participation is good for democracy as it leads to a higher level of legitimacy. On the other hand, pressure groups hinder democracy as it can allow for a minority view to have an effect on a policy that may affect everyone which could lead to apathy towards the political system.  


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