Bayonet Charge and Remains - psychological impact of war

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Bayonet Charge and Remains - pyschological impact of war


  • alliteration "cold clockwork" and "he's here in my head"
  • repetition "raw" and "running" and "his bloody life in my bloody hands"
  • perspective of an unknown soldier - affects everyone
  • sibilance "shot slashed" and "sun-stunned, sand smothered"
  • metaphor "his sweat heavy" and "blood-shadow"
  • enjambment


  • Context - PTSD versus dehumanisation in WW1
  • Structure - regular  stanzas versus ending couplet

Overall comparison

Bayonet Charge is based on the dehumanisation of a WW1 soldier whereas Remains focuses on the PTSD of a soldier in an unspecified modern conflict. Both use many similar methods to depict the psychological impacts of war, 


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