Black Death


Black Death


  • there was a lot of accusations as to why the Black death. there still is no resolution of what happened. people believed in a lot of things such as, miasma and gods punishment.
  • miasma- a dirt in the air which is thought to have poisoned people
  • rats and gerbils. carry fleas which holds the virus when biting an animal or human, it passes on.
  • gods punishment. god was believed to have caused people suffering to the people who had committed sins. people would try and prevent this by praying and even humiliating themselves in public to prove that they were sorry.
  • the theory of the four humours. if the humours ( blood, phlegm, yellow bile and black bile) were unbalanced then it would make you sick.
  • the impact of the planets. people believed the movement of the planets affected your health. this was also linked to religion because it was said that god controlled the movement.


  • the black death caused a threatening and fearful society because:
  • people did not know a specific answer for the disease therefore couldn't cure it
  • only the rich could afford to see people like physicians. this was because the fees were expensive. this meant that the poor had to suffer without getting the help they needed/ required.
  • it would have also been devastating because people were highly likely to have die. it would have made people threatened because they wouldn't know if they would make the week.

Overall summary

overall the black death caused the society a lot of problems. especially if no one understood the real cause and didn't know why a load of people were dying.


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