Character Analysis Electra

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  • Loyal
  • Protective of her brother and father
  • Determined- refuses to give up, even if she gets sent away
  • Has not been brought down by the maltreatment of her family- wears servant's clothes and her hair is loose
  • Tragic heroine- Protagonist
  • Ignorant to Chrysothemis and refuses to make a deal with her
  • Despises Clytemnestra for her father's murder
  • Has a mother/daughter relationship with the Chorus- they are very protective of her, but try to talk some sense into her
  • Has a God like admiration of Orestes and has suidical thoughts at news of his "death".

Development (Growth & change)

Other information              

  • Begins as tragic heroine, grieving for her father and hoping for Orestes' return. She rejects Chrysothemis and Clytemnestra, seeing them both as betrayed her.
  • Finds out Orestes has died and dives further in depression, having suidical thoughts. However, she still plans to kill Clytemnestra, and even offers Chrysothemis a chance to join in- suggests she has developed from earlier.
  • Orestes then returns and she is happy then ever, diving out of her depression and is triumphant  by the end, as both are dead and she no longer has to live under them.
  • Electra spends most of the play upset.
  • There are different versions of Electra- this is Sophocles' interepretation.
  • Electra is treated badly her mother and her lover Aegithus- she is kept almost as a slave, and the only reason she is outside is because Aegithus is away.


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