Civil Courts


What sort of case types do civil courts deal with?

How many civil courts are there in the first instance of a claim? What are they called?

Which court would you go to first out of these 2?

when was the civil justice system reformed? Who talked about why and what were the reasons for it?

What ideas did Woolf reform?

what is the 'track' system?

how many 'tracks' are there? What are they?

when can you use the small claims track?

when can you use the fast track?

when can you use the multi-track?

when can you use the high court?

in order to make a claim through the civil courts, what must the claimant do?

If a party does to like the outcome of the case, what can they do? What are the circumstances to this?

what cases (track) are very unlikely to go to the court of appeal? why not?


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