Comparison between In Paris with You and Ghazal

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Comparison between In Paris with You and Ghazal


  • Both share theme of love and partners
  • Sexual/body language used in both
  • Repetition throughout both poems
  • The tone of both poems develop throughout from start to end


  • The speaker in Ghazal is talking about a relationship that they desire whereas In Paris With You is a current relationship which seems to be an affair
  • In Ghazal, the speaker repeats the word 'if' at the start of many lines which makes it sound as if she is wishing for a particular relationship and suggesting different things that her and her 'ideal man' could do. Whereas in In Paris with You, 'in Paris with you' is repeated several times throughout the poem - this phrase could also be a metaphor for their relationship
  • At the beginning of Ghazal, and throughout most of the poem, the speaker sounds more like she is fantasizing but in the last stanza, she sounds more realistic. However In Paris with You, the tone is constantly changing as in the first two stanzas, the lover sees himself as emotionally damaged and a victim of love, the 3rd and 4th stanza then concentrates on Paris and its surroundings and finally the last stanza focuses on his companion/lover and talks more about the possibility of love

Overall comparison

Both poems talk about love as a possibility but not a certainty


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