Comparison of Sports Institutes in the UK and Australia


Comparison of Sports Institutes in the UK and Australia


  • Uk Sport Institutes are direct copies of the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS)
  • Both countries operate on a decentralised basis
  • Both countries do not have a hierarchy in importance between institutes
  • Overall mission to produce elite sports performers
  • World class facilities made available to all performers
  • Financial aid and sponsorship given to athletes
  • Highest quality coaching and technology support
  • Athletes receive treatment and medical service


  • In the UK there are 4 Home Country Sports Institutes: English, Northern Ireland, Scottish and Welsh. In AUS there is at least one institute in each state or territory.
  • UK funding comes from National Lottery and government contribution, AUS funding is supplied by the ASC and sponsorship
  • UK government is not involved with sports policies whereas ASC is directly involved in policy decisions.
  • UK sport is responsible for strategic direction of the home country institutes. AUS institutes are closely monitored by National Elite Sports Council

Overall comparison

AUS government (ASC) has a more direct input in sport and sport policies, rather than the UK government not involving themselves. However opportunities are the same for athletes in the UK and AUS just the structure of how sporting excellence runs is different


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