Convenience Foods


Convenience Foods

AdvantagesGetting Started

  • Quick and easy to prepare
  • Save time and fuel
  • Easy to store
  • Useful for taking on holiday
  • Can be kept for emergencies
  • Wide variety available
  • Little waste
  • Extra nutrients are sometimes added


  • More expensive than fresh foods
  • Too many processed foods in the diet limit the intake of NSP
  • Servings may not be adequate
  • Nutrients may be lost during processing and not replaced
  • May have high levels of fat and sugar


It is possible to live entirely on convenience foods without suffering from any nutritional deficiencies.  However such a diet would be monotonous.A sensible approach is to use both fresh and convenience foods in proportions that suit the individual in terms of money, time, likes and dislikes.Convenience foods have gained in popularity in recent years due to less leisure time to prepare food.More women go out to work and have less time to prepare food.Food technology is more advanced.Most people have a freezer in their home.Advertising has a greater influence on peoples eating habits.




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