Did Life Change for All Women in the 1920's?

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Did Life Change for All Women in the 1920's?


  • Women became financially independent as there was more jobs
  • Women didn't need a male chaperone to go out of the house
  • In the 1920's women were allowed to wear what they wanted. There was a sense of social freedom
  • In the 1920's women were allowed to vote
  • There was more job opportunities in the north for women
  • It became more socially acceptable to get divorce
  • Flappers of the 1920's symbolised the independence of women in the 1920's


  • There was discrimination in the North and South of America against Black American's in the North many places didn't allow black people in.
  • Poor American's didn't have the money to experience the boom
  • Women in rural area's which were poor didn't experience the boom
  • Most women stayed being housewives as that was what they knew
  • Small towns disapproved of flappers and working women
  • Political parties didn't make many female memebers


Women who experienced the Roaring 20's were young, white wealthy and working class women. The women who didn't experience the change of the Roaring 20's were black, poor, and religious traditional women. 


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