Edward VI Position after taking the throne


Edward VI Position after taking the throne


  • Is now the King
  • He looked like a king
  • People were fed up of the unrest under Henry
  • Showed his wealth but not too much
  • People thought that he was chosen by God
  • He was a strong military leader who motivated his troops
  • Clear victory at Towton
  • Support of the City of London
  • Strong support base from the Nevilles and his Brothers
  • Had a legitimate claim to the throne


  • He was a Usurper
  • Inexperienced
  • Financial issues created by Henry VI
  • Still a lot of unrest
  • No heir
  • Not married
  • Only 18 in 1461
  • Too reliant on Warwick


  • Warwick's support to strengthen his position
  • Marriage for alliance which he didn't get as he married Elizabeth Woodville
  • He wasn't he dad so there was no issue with trust
  • Had the chance to undo Henry VI's failures
  • Lancastrian nobility reduced after Towton
  • Policy of conciliation
  • Fresh start after 10+ years of conflict
  • Appear a better king than Henry


  • Henry VI still alive
  • Lacks control in distant parts of the country like the North and Wales
  • Uneasy peace with France
  • Margaret of Anjou wants power for her son and husband
  • Henry's heir is still alive and Edward has no heir
  • No alliance with Scotland
  • Blood feuds
  • Demanding task of running the country


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