Effects of good/poor time management

Time Management - the benefits and effects of good/poor time management.


Effects of good/poor time management


  • It allows organisations to plan, delegate and organise employees more efficiently
  • Everyone in the organisation is then more focused on their own tasks
  • Progress of projects can be tracked, any potential problems can be identified and addressed more easily
  • Employees feel more in control of their own work, i.e they know what to do, how to do it and when to finish it for


  • Wasted time at work, possibly spending time doing jobs that don't matter, or could be done by someone at a lower level in the organisation
  • Staff lose motivation as they feel their work is routine and that it does not serve a purpose
  • Work not progressing as fast as managers would want it to
  • Targets not being achieved and any strategic or operational plans becoming meaningless
  • New projects not starting as there is no time to develop new ideas



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