Examine how governments and NGOs have different views of development

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Examine how governments and NGOs have different views of development


  • Governments do have focus on all areas of development, e.g. the UK Department of International Development which aims to work to achieve the SDGS, combat climate change, work to improve female rights and boost wealth and trade.


  • Gov. are often focused on economic development, e.g. by implementing development strategies focused around economic development or trade - New Community Movement South Korea.
  • NGOs often have a more wide spread view on development, there can be focus on environmental, social and economic development. Although the focus is usually on social or environmental development, e.g. ActionAid, they tackle development by going to the heart of the issue - the politicians/decision makers.
  • NGOs often have a bottom-up approach, e.g. Barefoot college India. Where as governments often use top-down strategies, e.g. Three Gorges Dam.
  • Government development strategies are often very eurocentric.

Overall comparison

Overall it could be argued that governments and NGOs have very different views on development, for example, NGOs are often concerned with social development and take a bottom-up approach in order to gather the views of the community who will be affected. Governments on the other hand are more focused on the big changes, often employing top-down development strategies. Governments are also more focused on economic development over social or environmental development, however, they can also have focus on all the different areas of development. 


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