Experimental method:


Experimental method:


  • As the experimenter can control the variables, they are able to reduce the likelihood of confounding varibles. The experimenter can be more sure that
  • The experimenter can be more sure that the changes in the DV are caused by the IV.
  • As the experiment can be replicated, it can be repeated to see if the findings are reliable and can be trusted.


  • It may lack ecological validity due to the artificial nature of the study (setting) making it difficult to generalise results from the experimental situation to real life.
  • Demand characteristics - if they know they are taking part in an experiment, participants may adjust their behaviour according to the interpretation of the aims of the experiment.


The experimental method is when the independent variable is manipulated to see if it produces changes in a dependent variable. All other variables are controlled so that they don't influence the results and participants are randomly allocated to experimental conditions.


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