Fuel Cells GCSE Chemistry (Higher)


Fuel Cells GCSE Chemistry (Higher)


  • Unlike fossil fuels and other non-renewable energy sources, fuel cells are renewable
  • Hydrogen fuel cells are very efficient, they give off a lot of power
  • Though they are expensive to install, fuel cells are generally cheap to maintain
  • They don’t emit any harmful toxins
  • They do not emit any green-house gasses


  • Though they are cheap to run, fuel cells are costly to produce
  • Hydrogen makes them flammable
  • Fuel cells can only hold a limited amount of power
  • More research needs to be done before fuel cells can be used on a wide-scale basis
  • Hydrogen is difficult to store safely


Fuel cells produce electricity through the reaction of a fuel with oxygen. They convert hydrogen and oxygen in water without combustion and as a result produce energy.


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