Fuel Cells

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Fuel Cells


  • Methane, from which hydrogen is made, can be a renewable resource
  • Batteries are getting cheaper as the process is getting automated
  • More efficient
  • New battery designs require less platinum
  • Will produce energy as long as a fuel is supplied-> doesn't need recharging from the mains
  • No pollutants- greenhouse gases, nitrogen oxides, carbon monoxide, etc. Just water+ heat- advantage in cities
  • Help countries become less dependent on crude oil


  • Methane+ Water-> Hydrogen+ Carbon Monoxide-> poisonous
  • Carbon Monoxide+ Oxygen-> CO2
  • The hydrogen fuel is often made from fossil fuels/ by electrolysis of water- uses electricity
  • Batteries are expensive to produce
  • Few fuel stations for refuelling
  • Expensive platinum catalyst
  • Hydrogen takes up more space than liquid fuels like petrol
  • Hydrogen is explosive- hard to store safely


Electrical cells supplied with fuel+ oxygen that use energy from the reaction between them to generate electricity to move the car


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