Gender & Identity - Sociology OCR ALevel


what is the difference between sex and gender?

gender is...

which ideology is prominant in the UK?

examples of differences between men and women?

who are these traditional gender stereotypes being challenged by?

what does new femininities mean?

in how many ways are women becoming freed from patriarchy?

what are the 2 ways?

what are new masculinites?

why have they changed?

what does this mean?

who said there has been a "crisis of masculinity"?

what does a criss of masculinity mean?

how many effects has this unknowing had on masculine men?

what are these 2 effects?

what is formed from gender socialisation?

examples of traditional expectations?

who says the famiy gender socilalises children by their room colours?

what does wood say about how children are treated - boys vs girls?

how does religion gender socilaise people?

how does the peergorup gender socialise people?

how does mass media gender socialise people?

who found this to be true?

who studied how magazines aimed at younger women may encourage them to objectify their bodies and sned out the idea that their body is a project?

what else did Orbach conclude?

who found out how the agency of education gender socialises people?

what did they say about how it gender socialises people?

one example of this taking place?

who described how gender socialisation is presented in this workplace?

did he do this for both girls and boys?

what did he say about how boys are gender socialised in the workplace?

hwhat did he say about how girls are gender socialised in the workplace?


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