Grapevine .


Grapevine .


  • Supportive People
  • Maturity
  • Longevity
  • Time 7am
  • Non aggressive Lead Generation - non pressurised environment
  • Critical Mass
  • Associates - allows better critical mass
  • Venue
  • Not for profit


  • Marketing - Not enough group participation
  • Meeting Format
  • Longevity
  • Time 7am
  • Non Agressive Lead generation - must be business benefits
  • Retention of new members
  • Associates - Takes a chair and harder to get to know individuals
  • Lead generation not spread evenly across the membership
  • Education - Talent and knowledge across membership not used to full advantage
  • Subs not regularly employed


The following points came out of the discussion. Firstly that the meeting format and marketing require evaluation on a periodical basis. Members felt that the venue was good but could do with being reviewed at agreed intervals and the policy on lead generation should be debated at a later date.  It is advised that processes need to be implemented to ensure that when change is affected the situation does not revert back to its original status. Grapevine would benefit from periodical development sessions with the focus being on itself. 


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