Henry VII: Religion


Henry VII: Religion


  • Had Papal Support before the Battle of Bosworth
  • Was able to successfully attack the privilege of sanctuary
  • 8000 parish churches
  • Church offered charity for people
  • Pope did little to interfere in the running of the Church of England
  • Church courts worked in conjunction with the English Legal System


  • Opposition to the church did exist and there was evidence of anti-clericalism
  • John Colet wanted to reform the church from within
  • Henry was determined that the authority of the pope should not be prejudice his rights and interests as king


Overall Henry VII had a successful relation with the church and did all he could to prevent any issues with the church. Also due to Henry VII had good relations with the pope which then had enabled the rules of sanctuary to be broken, eventhough there was opposition to Henry VII religous policies it wasnt a huge risk to henrys rule as many were for henry and his religous policies as it wasn't extreme and much hadn't been changed.


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