Henry VII- Social and Domestic


Henry VII- Social and Domestic


  • Overcame 5 rebellions: Lovell and Stafford 1486, Simnel 1487, Yorkshire 1486, Cornish 1491 and Perkin Warbeck 1491-1497
  • Able to change the date of his reign to the day before the Battle of Bosworth field this was done to target Yorkists
  • Reduced the power of Nobility through the Acts of Livery and retaining 1504
  • William Stanley beheaded for role in Warbeck rebellion this set an example to people
  • JPs and Sherrifs- kept law and order in local areas, 18 JPs in each county
  • Jaspar tudor made head of the council in wales
  • Acts of Attainders passed this had stripped many enemies of wealth, 157 acts were passed
  • Henry worked with the church on a local level to retain authority
  • Won battle of Stoke field- 8,000 rebels vs 12,000 English forces
  • No more than 50-60 nobles
  • Only patronage given was to Jaspar Tudor he was made Duke of Bedford
  • Cloth exports had increased from 30% - 90%, a 60% increase


  • Faced five rebellions: three of these rebellions were from yorkist sympathizers
  • Two rebellions were due to taxation
  • 46 acts of attainders were reversed
  • Empson and Dudley were very unpopular
  • Enclosures had been an issue
  • Henry VII relied heavily on JPs
  • Only had 5 ships at the end of his reign
  • Two anti enclosure acts were passed in 1489 but had little effect
  • Decline in export price in wool and grain in the 1490s
  • engrossing on farms led to povery
  • Trade Embargo 1493


Overall it can be argued that Henry VII Social and domestic policies can be considered to be a success this is because Henry has successfully supressed 5 rebellions with little to no issues also Henry was able to increase exports which had led to an increase in his economy due to the increase of trade, However Henry VII Social and Domestic policy could be considered to be a failure this is because of the trade embargo which had prevented trade and had damaged the economy, also enclosures had been an issue throughout Henry VII reign this is because the two acts passed in 1489 had little effect this is because there wasn't much Henry could do to enforce the laws on the local people.


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