How Strong were the Barriers to Unification in 1815

Barriers and Stimuli to unification


How Strong were the Barriers to Unification in 1815


  • Growth of National Feeling
  • Intellectuals interested in Italian history and culture
  • Local Discontent
  • People united against oppressive rule
  • Nationalist aspect to revolutions
  • VE I and Cavour with the help of Napoleon III defeated Austria
  • Piedmont formed Kingdom of Northern Italy
  • Garibaldi saved Sicily form Austria
  • Kingdom of Italy formed in 1861
  • Venice is added in 1866 and Rome is added in 1870


  • Differet dialects
  • Loyalty to region not to country
  • Enter bullet pointUnited people against oppressive rule but not for a united nation
  • Revolutions failed - there were divisions among rebels
  • Austrian army is too strong
  • Outside help is needed to defeat Austria
  • The Kingdom of Northern Italy doesn't include all of Italy
  • VE and Cavour making all the decisions -  unification if name only


At the beginning there are a lot of barriers to unification such as lack of a common goal among the people of Italy. But there is a lot of local discontent among the people of Italy.


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