Impact of Western Influences


Impact of Western Influences


  • For most young people listening to Western music or adopting the latest fashions was not an overtly political act
  • Most young people conformed to the wishes of the regime, at least in public
  • The education system, the FDJ and system of using loyalty to the Party as a gateway to University ensured the impact of the West remained limited
  • The introduction of military service in 1962 proved a valuable tool for the SED to maintain its ideological influence over young males


  • Music represented a way in which youth could express their unwillingness to conform to the SED
  • Western influences promoted the development of small gangs and non-conformist youths e.g. The Capitol Gang in Leipzig
  • As the 1970s progressed the amount of Western influence upon private lives grew, and for some of the population it was getting harder to live a dual existence


Overall, both a success and a failure. 


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