Is anarchism similar to liberalism or socialism? (45)

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Is anarchism similar to liberalism or socialism? (45)


  • P: anti-statism; E: liberalism ideally wants no state but accepts it to avoid state of nature + socialism eventually wants classless + stateless society
  • P: individualist anarchists; E: liberal individualism to extreme for individual sovereignty bc state is sovereign/compulsory/coercive; E: Goldman (collectivist)
  • P: economic sovereignty; E: free market to bring about equilibrium + solve social issues; E: Rothbard - "total self-ownership" in form of no government interference, similar to classical liberalism


  • P: necessity of state; E: liberals think state necessary to maintain freedom (classical - laws protect freedom from self-seeking individuals; modern - state intervention for positive freedom); E: individualist think state takes away freedoms through laws and taxes
  • P: collectivist; E: collectivist anarchism rejects individualism bc humans are naturally social; E: Kropotkin's mutual aid in which humans flourish
  • P: anti-statism; E: Marxists want dictatorship of the proletariat which is still a state + democratic socialism wants "humanised" capitalism for greater equality + social justice; E:

Overall comparison

Shares similarities with both but different strands align with liberalism or socialism 


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