LOC eval

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LOC eval


  • Allows circumstances to be considered eg Hill sexual abuse
  • Wider than provocation and far of serious violence can be considered
  • sexual infedelity is not allowed, protects women so reflects public attitudes and interests.
  • no longer has to be sudden and temporary so limited its use. Battered womens syndrome. Ahluwalia


  • Has been proposed that self control criteria is removed to further help abused women but govt has rejected this
  • sexual infidelity reduces the amount of people allowed to use the defence
  • high threshold for fear of violence which narrows the availability compared to provocation
  • sexual infidelity must be disregarded however it can be considered uf there are other circumstances such as child abuse,
  • jury cannot consider matters such as hot temper


REFORM- replaced provocation in 2009 so resolved many issues. originally common law so had no complete definition. This created problems. Reasonable man used ti mean adult but Camplin changed that and now sex and age are considered. 


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