Meiosis vs meiosis

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Miosis vs meiosis


  • both are related to the replication cells
  • both involve division of cells
  • the processes of division are the same
  • replication of chromosomes occurs before division
  • same number of chromosomes at first division
  • two sets of chromosomes for both are enclosed in a nuclear envelope


  • Meiosis provides genetic variation as its sexual reproduction
  • mitosis produces genetically identical cells due to asexual reproduction
  • meiosis produces four haploid cells
  • mitosis produces two haploid cells
  • gametes are formed by meiosis by starting as diploid cells but forming haploid cells after meiosis
  • meiosis only produces sex cells
  • mitosis produces everything but sex cells
  • homologous chromosomes pair up before division for meiosis
  • meiosis is twice the division of mitosis.
  • overlapping of chromosome pairs occurs only in meiosis

Overall comparison

meiosis is good for increasing genetic variation and makes animals and people different from their parents however mitosis is good for replacing damaged or old cells


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