Multi-Store Memory Model


Multi-Store Memory Model


  • Supported by a lot of evidence from memory studies- Peterson and Peterson trigram study.
  • Can account for primacy and recency effects.
  • Gives a logical structure for memory processing.
  • Influenced further development on this theory and gives a foundation for memory processing.


  • Oversimplified- the STM and LTM stores may have different stores within them, for example knowledge and procedure. Passive/linear model.
  • Does not account for individual differences- some remember the same memories clearer, with the same amount of rehearsal.
  • Rehearsal is overemphasised- you can recall unrehearsed information, and fail to recall rehearsed information.
  • Focuses more on structure than processing.


Atkinson and Shriffin's multi-memory store model is useful, as it does make sense and gives a foundation for further research, however it is over simplified and linear.




absolutely great piece of work for revising 

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