Multi-Store Model


Multi-Store Model


  • Peterson and Peterson: showed that short term memory had a duration of 18 seconds and was forgotten by displacement
  • Baddeley: showed that STM was stored acoustically and LTM was stored semantically
  • HM: amnesia patient showed an inability to transfer STM to LTM
  • MSM: a structure and linear flow model including forgetting, characteristics and flow


  • Baddeley and Hitch: showed the the MSM was too simplistic with their WMM in 1974
  • Shallice and Warrington: studied KR, a brain damage patient who had bad spoken recall but good visual recall of words
  • Craik and Watkins: claimed there were 2 types of LTM rehearsal - elaborate and maintenance
  • Tulving: showed that there were multiple types of LTM: procedural, semantic and episodic
  • MSM: does not show that rehearsal is not needed and has a lack of information about processes


Multi-Store model is not very comprehensive


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