Nationalism as aggressive/expansionist

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Nationalism as aggressive/expansionis


  • P: core principles; E: if nations are unique, some will be superior/inferior (national chauvinism/socialism Darwinism); E: Nazi Germany with anti-semitism based on pseudoscience/pan-Slavism in Cold War with Warsaw pact
  • P: colonial expansion; E: chauvinism encourages "superior culture"; E: 1800s white Europeans colonising Africa/Asia, "gifts" of democracy and Christianity leading to jingoism


  • P: national self-determination; E: liberal nationalism encourages self government through democracies unlikely to be aggressive; E: Wilson - autocratic empires to be replaced by democratic nation-states i.e Hungary, Poland etc
  • P: international state of nature; E: interdependence/supranationalism prevents this; E: trade interdependence like EU/IMF and supranationalism like UN/League of Nations

Overall comparison

Inherently aggressive/expansionist but liberal influence tames it


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