Negative consequences of the treaties

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Negative consequences of the treaties


  • Around 6 million Germans were no longer part of Germany
  • Germany lost 13% of its land
  • Many people said the Treaty was too harsh
  • Germany had to reduce their army + navy
  • Germany had to accept the war guilt
  • The Treaties of Germain + Trianon brought together groups who didn't want to be united
  • The harsh Treaty of Sèvres was overturned by the Treaty of Lausanne


  • They feared persecution, esp. as Germany had to accept the war guilt
  • German families forced off land they had owned for generations
  • Could lead to another war
  • They felt vulnerable (eg. from France or Russia) + loss of pride
  • Seemed unjust as it was not alone Germany's fault for the  war starting
  • Countries such as Czechoslovakia + Yugoslavia no longer exist due to civil wars
  • Showed that these treaties couldn't be enforced, so ppl. like Mussolini + Hitler would ignore them

Overall summary

The Treaty of Versailles left Germany feeling angry and vulnerable, giving fuel for another war. The Treaties of Germain + Trianon were not helpful in the long run.The overturn of the Treaty of Sèvres showed how easily the treaties could be ignored.


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